Podcasts Suggestions

Here are my suggestions on podcasts that I think maybe helpful in our journey to become our best selves. They are listed in no specific order. I encourage you to check them out. Please leave me any thoughts, questions, or suggestions to improve this page.

Therapy For Black Girls Podcast

The Therapy for Black Girls podcast is hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist. The podcast is targeted to black women and presents information about mental health issues.

Support Is Sexy Podcast

This is a 5-day podcast that focuses on diverse women entrepreneurs. This is a very informative and inspiring podcast that really addresses issues that women experience in business and the workplace.

Dreams In Drive Podcast

The Dreams in Drive podcast ran by Rana Campbell is geared towards creatives who are looking to take the careers and lifestyles to the next level.

Behind the Brilliance Podcast

The Behind The Brilliance podcast is a weekly podcast by Lisa Nicole Bell, who is an award-winning woman in media. She interviews a very diverse group of people whose stories are truly inspiring.

The Quote of the Day Show Podcast

The Quote of the Day Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean Croxton. Sean provides short clips from varied people with inspiring stories and inspiring words.

Impact Theory Podcast

The Impact Theory is a weekly podcast hosted by Tom Bilyeu. Tom interviews the world’s highest achievers and then breaks down the interviews with his team. He also hosts relationship theory with his wife, Lisa Bilyeu.

Carry On Friends Podcast

The Carry On Friends podcast is hosted by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown and is targeted towards Caribbean Americans. Kerry-Ann discusses lifestyle, business, and career mixed with the Caribbean American culture.

Problogger Podcast

The Problogger podcast is hosted by Darren Rowse and teaches readers how to create, build, and maintain a blog. He provides helpful tips and guidance.

My Taught You Podcast

The My Taught You podcast is hosted by Myleik Teele who just comes across as a big sister who is giving you advice about everything.

Success Talks Podcast

The Success Talks podcast is hosted by Josh Ellis and Shelby Skrhak and provides insights from thought and industry leaders who share their experiences. They also remind us that success looks differently for everyone.

The Maria Forleo Podcast

The Maria Forleo podcast provides tips and insights about topics that help you build the life that you want. Maria and her guests provide actionable tips to help you stay on track with your goals.

Woman Evolve Podcast

The Woman Evolve podcast is hosted by Sarah Jakes Roberts and she discusses recent events in the news, faith, and various other topics.

Happy Black Woman Podcast

The Happy Black Woman podcast is hosted by Rosetta Thurman, and is focused on helping black women build businesses and lives that they want.

How Does She Do It Podcast

The How Does She Do It podcast is hosted by Tiffany Southerland, Tiffany discusses the gamut of topics, including career and relationships.

 Yes, Girl! Podcast

The Yes, Girl! podcast is presented by Essence Magazine, and focuses on interviews with black women celebrities and influencers.

 We Turned Out Okay Podcast

The We Turned Out Okay podcast is hosted by Karen Lock Kolp and focuses on helping parents with their younger children. It provides great insight into child development.

Daily Hope Podcast

The Daily Hope podcast is hosted by Pastor Rick Warren. Pastor Rick provides daily sermons and messages to inspire and build a relationship with God.

TD Jakes Ministries Podcast

The TD Jakes podcast provides sermon in video and audio formats.

Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast

The Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast is hosted by Ahyiana Angel (Chief Encourager) provides encouragement for black women who are want to or are thinking of making changes in their lives and careers but are unsure of how to go about this.

The AT Parenting Survivor Podcast

The AT (Anxious Toddlers – Teens) Parenting Survivor podcast is hosted by Natasha Daniels. She is a child therapist and provides guidance and information to parents on how to care for kids with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Black Girl In Om Podcast

The Black Girl In Om podcast is hosted by Lauren Ash and Duen Ivory. The show focuses on wellness and self-love for black women.

Blog With Kim Podcast

The Blog With Kim podcast is hosted by Kimberlee Postell and teaches tips to help potential and new bloggers start and build their blogs.

The Black Girl Healing Project Podcast

The Black Girl Healing Project podcast is hosted by Jennifer Sterling. The podcast is focused on creating a safe space for women of color to learn about health and wellness.

Brown Ambition Podcast

The Brown Ambition podcast is hosted by Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche. The show focuses on building wealth and managing personal finance for the black community.

The Good Life Project Podcast

The Good Life Project podcast is hosted by Jonathan Fields and features a diverse cast of interviews. The interviews provide deep and thought provoking experiences encouraging the audience to evaluate their own lives.

Her Money Podcast

The Her Money podcast is hosted by Jean Chatzky and focuses on women and educating them on how to manage their money.

Ted Talks Podcast

The Ted Talks podcast is the audio and visual version of the talks on YouTube. They cover a wide variety of topics.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

The Tony Robbins podcast provides interviews with industry leaders and influencers and offers guidance and suggestions on making life changes that are lasting.

Parenting Beyond Discipline

The Parenting Beyond Discipline podcast is hosted by Erin Royer-Asrilant and focuses on raising/parenting children with balance, positivity, and healthy forms of discipline

The SuperSoul Sunday Podcast

The SuperSoul Sunday podcast is hosted by Oprah and focuses on deep and spiritual conversations to help the audience build a life that is more fulfilling and rewarding.


These are all podcasts that I listen to. I listen to them based on the mood I am in, content that I am seeking, and the time that I have available. Now, I know that this list may seem long and you maybe  feeling overwhelming and yes, you maybe right because there are many podcasts out there. They all serve a different purpose and have a different niche, even if the niche may overlap. My suggestion is to listen and choose the ones that are most fitting for where you currently are personally and professionally as well as for the vision  for your future that you have. Use the information that they provide to expand your world and your life. Begin where you are and with what you have and take daily steps towards the life that you want.  Let me know what you think after you have listened. Again, feel free to share any suggestions.  Happy Listening!!

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