Helpful Mental Health Resources

On this page, I will add helpful guides and activities that can assist you on your mental health journey. These activities will allow you to explore yourself, your relationships, and your environments, and will provide insight on how these areas factor into your lives and decisions. To make healthy life changes, it will be essential to be honest with yourself. To gain the most out of these activities, it is necessary to be honest with yourself, to be open to the answers and insights, and to be willing to put into practice the knowledge and insights that you gain from the activities. Please utilize the mental health resources that are provided on this page to move forward with your mental health journey.


Helpful Guides

Checkout this guide on 10 Personal Rights and Freedoms that each individual has. This guide was created because I have worked with many clients who were not aware that they have rights and freedoms in all their relationships, not only romantic relationships. This recognition is essential because if we are unaware that we have rights, we don’t create effective boundaries, and any boundaries that we may have, may be consistently violated because we fear advocating for ourselves and we fear repercussions. To develop healthy mental health practices, we must have effective boundaries that show others how we want to be treated, that allow us to create healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

10 Personal Rights and Freedom Guide 


Checkout this guide on When to Get a Psych Eval. This guide discusses 11 signs that it may be time to get a psychological evaluation. A psych eval is helpful with diagnosing mental disorders and illnesses. It can be a beneficial tool to help our readers take control of their mental health journeys. Please note that getting a psych eval does not automatically mean that you have a mental disorder/illness. However, it can be useful in identifying areas that you may need support in.

A Guide for Getting A Psychological Evaluation



Mental Health Activity

The Mirror Self-Reflection Activity is a self-reflection activity (as the name suggests) that allow readers to explore and get to know themselves. The activity requires participants to be open, honest, and non-judgmental with themselves. It is  a reflection activity that allows readers to delve deeply within themselves. I encourage our readers to journal the feelings and emotions and thoughts that arise with this activity. The activity can be deeply personal and can bring up a lot of memories and wounds. For readers with traumas and unresolved issues, I implore you to be cautious with this activity.

Mirror Self-Reflection Activity



Disclaimer: If you notice symptoms or negative changes, please check the resources page to connect with a therapist or seek a psychological evaluation. This activity is not to be used for diagnosis, it’s a personal assessment of your emotional wellbeing. If there is an emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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