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Chances are that you are ready to make some changes in your life if you are reading this blog. So, why not go the next step and begin the process of exploring yourself and your life?

Download these free printable worksheets and begin the journey of gaining true awareness about you, your habits and practices, your thoughts and behaviors, and making changes that will give you the chance to live the life you want.

Disclaimer: These worksheets are not meant to replace working directly with mental health professionals. They are for self-exploration purposes only.

If after completing one or multiple worksheets, you discover that you need more assistance, consider working with a therapist directly.

Download and complete these worksheets.

Download “Free Getting Closer to God Checklist” GMP-Getting-Closer-to-God-Checklist.docx – Downloaded 36 times – 157 KB

Download “Free Mental Health Checklist” GMP-Mental-Health-Checklist.docx – Downloaded 37 times – 150 KB

Download “Free Anger Worksheet.docx” GMP-Anger-Worksheet-2.docx – Downloaded 42 times – 146 KB

Download “Free Forgiveness Worksheet” GMP-Forgiveness-Worksheet-2.docx – Downloaded 43 times – 148 KB

Download “Free Angry Black Woman Worksheet” GMP-Angry-Black-Woman-Worksheet-2.docx – Downloaded 37 times – 154 KB

Download “Free Self-Care Worksheet” GMP-Self-care-Worksheet-1.docx – Downloaded 47 times – 148 KB

Download “Free 10 Personal Rights and Freedom Guide” GMP-10-Personal-Rights-and-Freedom-Guide.docx – Downloaded 37 times – 144 KB

Download “Free Guide to Getting A Psychological Evaluation” GMP-A-Guide-to-Getting-A-Psychological-Evaluation.docx – Downloaded 33 times – 146 KB


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