Gray Matthews Project

The Gray Matthews Project is a personal blog that is purely for informational purposes.

This blog is a personal expression of my beliefs and faith. The blogposts, worksheets and checklists, and any other information provided on this website is meant to help improve the lives of my readers.

However, I do not provide any guarantees of outcomes for any reader as outcomes are dependent on many variables.

With that being said, it is impossible to please every single person. Therefore, use of this platform is at the reader’s discretion. The information provided on this platform is only for personal use.

This blog is not a replacement for direct professional therapy/counseling, or any other professional services. The Gray Matthews Project disclaims all liability for damages of any kind related to the use of the information provided on this blog.

I do not offer online counseling or any counseling/therapeutic services through this platform. This blog does not reflect any services provided under my NJ state license or national certification.

This blog is a personal expression of my ideas and beliefs about mental health, minority mental health, faith, and spirituality. I am supportive of other’s opinions and it is not my intention to force my beliefs on anyone.

I reserve the right to manage my blog and its content in a manner that is in alignment with my mission, vision, and goals.

This blog does not reflect the opinions of any professional positions that I actively hold within the mental health field and outside the mental health field.

The use of this platform is purely of your own accord and risk. The Gray Matthews Project strives to provide complete and accurate information. Despite my best efforts, content and services may, from time to time, contain errors.

Third party links may be included in blogposts. The Gray Matthews Project does not hold responsibility for third party content, actions, or failures.

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