About Charmaine

About Charmaine

Charmaine Perry, MS, NCC, LAC

Short Bio

Charmaine Perry, a lover of God and movies, is a Licensed Associate and National Certified Counselor. She has been practicing therapy for over 3 years. She blogs about #Blackmentalhealth and spirituality at Gray Matthews Project. She is a writer, therapist, advocate, blogger, mom, wife, and most recently a business owner/consultant with the launch of her new company, Prolific Life Consulting LLC.  With her new company, Charmaine will be working with women who are seeking to live prolific lives that serve God, serve their communities, and fulfill their God-given purposes.

Long Bio

Born in the beautiful island of Jamaica and living in the US for almost 2 decades, Charmaine has come to gain unique insights into ‘Living while Black’ in the US. Therefore, these experiences have helped her identify the need to create a space for Black women to explore their traumas and learn the skills to promote their own healing.

Professional Background

Charmaine possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bay Path College and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. As a Licensed Associate Counselor and National Certified Counselor based in Central Jersey, she works with children and adults in individual and family therapy. She works with clients with childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues and life transitions. As a result of her work, she recognizes the fear and hesitation of clients of color to trust in the therapeutic process.

Another consideration is as a Black therapist, she also sees the shortage of therapists that look like her, especially as there is more encouragement for people of color to seek out mental health services. Working with someone that understands the experiences of Black women in this country and allows space for Black women to explore their experiences allows for deep and authentic changes in their lives.

Therapy and Writing

Her work is done primarily through the outlets of therapy and writing. Her writing includes past blogging for the American Counseling Association’s Counseling Today online magazine and through her personal blog, Gray Matthews Project. Her most recent achievement is the launch of her mental health consulting company, Prolific Life Consulting, LLC.

Some fun facts about Charmaine:

First and foremost, she is a Kingdom-builder and lover of God. She loves the ocean and all things blue. She loves oxtails, snapper, and Cold Stone ice cream. She is a lover of cartoons and superheroes because they teach us that we can always do more than we think.

When adulting, she loves crime dramas and action movies, and she loves to read non-fiction books to learn from those who have already discovered the secrets on how to curate the lives they want.

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