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Welcome to the Gray Matthews Project blog! My name is Charmaine Perry  and thanks for checking out our About page! I created this blog to serve Black women who are on their journey of becoming their best selves. I’m grateful to have you as a reader of the Gray Matthews Project!

The Gray Matthews Project (GMP) is a space focused on helping Black women. In this space, Black women can:

  • Explore and heal their past traumas
  • Create healthy emotional boundaries
  • Build their spiritual faith and relationship with God
  • Develop habits and practices that will help them curate purposeful, fulfilled, and abundant lives for themselves.

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My Vision

My vision for GMP is to build a community of faith-filled and powerful Black women who will transform themselves, and in the process, transform their communities by breaking generational bonds and accepting their God-given abundance.

If this is you,

then go ahead and hit the subscribe button below! Get ready to begin a journey of self-discovery, faith-building, and life-changing evolution! We will explore topics on #Blackmentalhealth, #faith, #spirituality, #abundance, and #abundantliving among others. I will provide worksheets and checklists, and other products for you to do the internal work necessary to make the changes you need to transform your life.

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