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7 Essential Skills

May 31, 2020

We all want to experience success with our goals and dreams. We may have different goals and dreams, but most of us have something that we’re seeking to achieve or looking forward to in our lives. These 7 essential skills will help transform our lives.

In order to achieve our goals and dreams, we must be willing to invest in ourselves. We cannot depend solely on what we were taught in high school and college, and we most certainly cannot depend on our jobs to provide us with training for our personal and professional goals. We must be willing to take success into our own hands.


Achieving Success

To achieve success in whatever area we desire, whether it is to write a book or seek a promotion in a company, we must adapt our mindsets and focus on reinventing ourselves. We will not succeed by continuously applying old methods and principles to new ways of being.

Additionally, school and society has taught us to find a job and get comfortable and wait to live our dreams when we are old. If you’re like me, and your desire is to uncover your purpose and live your calling, you’ll never do that with traditional thinking. So, let’s look at 7 essential skills that we all need to have in order to achieve our goals and dreams.


7 Essential Skills


  • Adaptability – Most people believe that success is a straight line. This couldn’t be more wrong. Life has never been predictable, and it never will be. If you reflect on your own life, there have been ups and downs, trying times and good times. Adaptability allows you to adjust to circumstances. It means that you are not rigid and unyielding to change. We all know that change is the one constant of life, so in order to thrive, you must adapt. Think of the survival of the fittest concept.


  • Critical Thinking – You must develop the ability to think on your own. Blindly following the direction of others will only lead you to destruction. You must be able to assess situations, reflect, explore options, and make decisions. Critical thinking is also not ruled by emotions.


  • Boundaries – Boundaries are essential tools for everyone. Boundaries allow you to create rules and safe spaces for yourself and others; and boundaries strengthen your relationships. Boundaries make clear who you are and what you stand for, and what you will not tolerate. Boundaries eliminate the need for others to guess how you will react in situations.


  • Communication – Communication skills have long been an essential component to work and family. It will forever be an essential skill. We all must continue learning and evolving our communication skills with our partners, colleagues, co-workers, family members, and with society as a whole. In every area of our lives, we are a part of an ecosystem. In order for us to thrive in these ecosystems, we must be able to express ourselves effectively.


  • Problem-Solving – Success is essentially a byproduct. It is not the end of our journey on our way to our goals and dreams. To see our goals and dreams manifested, we must understand what need we are meeting and seek to find solutions for these needs. By solving issues and creating solutions for the needs of others, we provide value to others.


  • Self-Awareness – We must develop and maintain our self-awareness skills. If we have no understanding of ourselves, we cannot expect to understand others. Self-awareness helps us to understand our motives, triggers, wounds, value systems, and yes, our own prejudices. We already know that human beings are not meant to be isolated. Therefore, to achieve our goals and dreams, we need others. To communicate and work with others, we need self-awareness to help us understand how we interact with others.


  • Self-control – Self-control allows us to utilize the boundaries that we set to control our thoughts and actions. Self-control is our restraint on our impulses. We live and operate in communities and must have restraints on how we interact with ourselves and others. Self-control reinforces the understanding that words and actions have consequences and we must act accordingly.



These 7 essential skills are not dependent on personal goals or professional goals; neither are they dependent on who we are. Our own task is to develop and maintain these skills so that they may help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Be sure to check out the free printable worksheets here to help you explore and develop these essential life skills.

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