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8 Steps to Achieving Your Goals and Visions

February 6, 2020

How do you go about achieving your goals and visions in life?

If you’ve made the decision to achieve more in your life, then you’ve made the decision to see beyond your current situation. You’ve decided to aim higher than your current station in life.

You’ve chosen to believe bigger than what you can currently see. So, how do you go about achieving that big dream or goal that lives in your heart?

To do this, you’ve got to see the vision and take action.

If you’re seeking to achieve your vision, this means that you’ve decided to move beyond the thinking and dreaming phase. This is the phase where you begin to take action. Let’s look at 8 steps to achieving your goals and dreams, so that we can help you achieve all that you’re dreaming of.


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8 Steps to Achieving Your Goals and Visions

  • Write down the vision.

The first step is to write down the vision. Gather your thoughts and get clear on what it is that you want to achieve.


  • Pray about the vision.

I’ve learnt over the last couple of years, that I should always seek God before I take any kind of action. Sometimes He gives us visions, but it does not mean that it’s the season for this particular vision.

Additionally, He only gives us part of the plan at a time. Therefore, you need clarity on what He wants you to do next.


  • Start small.

Even if God has given you a task and it may not be the season for it, you can begin preparing to receive the vision. Consider how you can begin to prepare. Taking small consistent actions will build confidence and prove your faith and trust to God.

Even if your current situation does not look like the vision that you’ve received, starting with small steps means that you’re making room in your life for what you are believing God for.


  • Seek resources.

Consider what assistance you need. If you’re starting small, then you don’t have a lot of cash laying around, so this may mean that you may need to learn some new skills or strengthen some existing skills.

This may also mean that you have to invest in your vision buy building resources so that you may hire out some tasks. This is the phase of stretching. Oftentimes when God gives us visions, He is using them to build our character and faith in Him.


  • Identify what success is for this vision.

Take the time to identify what successfully fulfilling this vision will look like. Be clear on how resources can help you fulfill the vision and how long this vision may take to come true.

Be sure to also leave room for flexibility for two reasons: 1) Outcomes never looks exactly how we initially pictured them and 2) Since God did not give you the full vision upfront, expect that you will have to pivot in some way when He gives you the remaining information.


  • Identify your measurement markers.

Ensure that you have identified markers that will indicate if you are meeting your small goals and to ensure that you are remaining on track with your overall big dream/vision.

The markers should explore objective data and should not be based on just your thought or intuition about how you think you’re doing.


  • Motivation wanes.

Motivation wanes over time. You will need a more deeply emotionally significant reason to continue with your goal when there are difficult times. What will your reason be to keep going?


  • Be flexible.

Allow room in your thoughts and plans for changes. Circumstances will change in life. You do not have control over every variable in working towards a goal.

Do not be so attached to your goals/visions that you cannot adjust when new information is received.

Also, God is still directing you. He will indicate to you when He needs you to make changes. You must be ready to do this to stay on course with Him so that He gets the glory, and not you. The big vision is to allow God to receive His glory, not for validation for yourself.


If you’re having difficulty with goal planning and/or executing your goals and visions, then checkout the worksheets on the Printables page to help you overcome any emotional block that you may have.

If you’re having difficulty with seeking God or hearing His response, then start with our eBook on Hearing From God, available in our store, to help move you forward.

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