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Willingness to Please God

November 7, 2019
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Do you have willingness to please God? Is it your desire to be obedient to God’s will for your life? Or do you just want Him to bless your own desires?


What is willingness to please God?

The Bible says that, “Without faith, it’s impossible to please God” – Hebrews 11:6. I think that we need faith to be willing to please God. To please God, we must have a heart that wants to please God. Then, with intention, we must create a plan to carry out God’s instructions to us. It is necessary to be intentional and purposeful with our willingness to please God.

“Without faith, it’s impossible to please God” – Hebrews 11:6. Click To Tweet

Our willingness to be pleasing to God indicates to Him and others, that it is our truest desire to do what God wants us to do, to be obedient to our heavenly Father. Willingness to please God causes us to be humble to His glory, sovereignty, wisdom, and knowledge. Choosing willingness shows God that we are willing to put aside our own desires and wants to follow His desires and plans for what He wants to do in the earth. Willingness is the forerunner to obedience.

Hence, when we choose obedience, we choose humility over pride, submission over posturing, and self-sacrifice over ego. In the simplest way, we are letting God know that we value His love, sacrifice, and wisdom.

And most of all, we are letting Him know that we trust Him wholeheartedly. Without trust, it is impossible to submit to God. If we do not trust God, we will always question His plan for us, His decisions about us, and His directions to us. We will never have willingness to please Him, because we will always question His motives.


What are some ways that we can please God?

God is pleased when we seek His will. He is pleased when we take time to communicate with Him and share with Him. God wants us to involve Him in our lives and our decisions. Most people do not do this. Oftentimes, we only pray to God when we need something. Or we only cry out to Him when we are in deep trouble. That’s not God’s will for us. He wants us to speak with Him daily as we do with our parents, our siblings, and friends.  Our heavenly Father wants a relationship with each and every one of us.

God is pleased when we seek His will. Click To Tweet

Here are 12 ways that you can show your willingness to please God include:

  1. Set a daily scheduled time to for prayer and devotion.
  2. Set aside quiet time in your daily lives to hear what God wants to tell you.
  3. Keep a journal or logbook of the things that His Holy Spirit has shared with you.
  4. In this same journal or logbook, write down when you followed His instructions, and the outcome of your obedience to His instructions.
  5. Monitor how often you speak to God.
  6. Examine how much access God has to your life.
  7. Practice seeking God’s will in your big and small decisions.
  8. Spend time strengthening your faith by staying in His Word and keeping your thoughts focused on God, rather than on the difficulties that life will bring.
  9. Practice patience and understanding with yourself and others.
  10. Show love to everyone, after all, God is love.
  11. Recognize that many of the lessons that God is teaching you will show up in hindsight rather than in the present.
  12. Respect and honor God’s sovereignty, power, and glory.



Though it may not always seem like God is still present, when we look deeper and closer, we see that He is. When we take time to get to know God, we begin to see His presence everywhere. We may not always understand what God is doing or what’s happening around us, but we must always hold onto our faith and trust in Him.

As a result of this practice you will never doubt that He always has our best interest at heart. Psalms 46:10 lets us know that we should be still and know that He is God. He is God no matter what’s happening or if we feel like He is or isn’t.


Consider for yourself, how can you show willingness to please God?

If this post inspired you to explore your relationship with God further, then I encourage you to download the Getting Closer to God Checklist

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