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Morning Routine – Part 1

October 3, 2019
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Before we get started with this post, this topic will be discussed across two back-to-back post because of the importance of this topic.


Do you have a morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine? Or do you roll out of bed, rush to get dressed, and race out the front door?

Or are you a night owl? Even being a night owl can give you space to prepare for the next day.

A morning routine, as the name suggests, is a routine or habit that you practice every morning upon waking.

But let’s face it, everyone is not a morning person (I am, but my husband isn’t). This habit/routine can be done the night before. The goal is to build a routine that fits your lifestyle, schedule, and personality.

The goal of the routine is to help feel mentally and emotionally prepared for a productive day.


My Morning Routine

Honestly, when I think about it, my routine really starts the night before. Every night when I get home, I lay out my clothes and shoes for the next day, I pack my lunchbox (yes, I meal prep every weekend, eating out is not cheap), and go through my pocketbook.

And then, in the morning, I have a set of practices that I follow every morning. My routine has changed a few times over the year, but mostly to add items in, so that extends the time that I need to complete them.

Currently, it takes me between 1 hour to 1.5 hour depending on how much I choose to read and if I must be at work or not. I do follow the same routine on the weekend which are my days off.

I like waking up before everyone in my house gets up so that I can have time to myself. The time that it takes to complete my routine is currently the only time of the day that I have to myself which makes me fiercely protective of my morning routine.

What about you? Do you spend any part of your day alone? Or do you avoid alone time?

Is a morning routine useful?

Ultimately, a morning routine allows you to build a habit that is healthy in your life. Upon consistent practice of this habit, it tends to build awareness about other habits and practices in your life.

The morning routine habit tends to cause you to question your motives and beliefs in other areas of your life. Practicing a morning routine habit in your life can demonstrate the below concepts in your life by bringing awareness of these 4 key concepts:


  1. Discipline

Healthy habits add value to our lives. One unspoken truth about life is that life requires discipline. We know that parents must find ways to discipline their children to teach them about the world. But we tend to think that once we become adults, we can do whatever we want.

This is a false belief. This is a false expectation.

The reality is life never stops having rules. Why? Because all actions have consequences. Therefore, discipline is mandatory. We will either have the discipline upfront to do what we need to or we will pay for the lack of discipline in the end with pain, disillusionment, and regrets.

Don’t feel bad, it took me years to learn this lesson as an adult too!


  1. Control

Another truth is life that is unintentional tends to either spiral out of control or remain stagnant. When we spiral out of control, we pick up habits that are unhealthy for us, we avoid awareness of the effects of the habits, and we do nothing to heal and create balance in our lives. Ultimately, there is no control over our life, our time, and ourselves.

People who are stagnant in their lives are usually stuck in different ways in different areas of their lives. A lack of intentionality allows us to become complacent and unconsciously willing to accept mediocrity. It is quite easy to coast through life with no real direction, purpose, or value. Many people will die with having made very little use of the precious time they’ve been given on this Earth.


  1. Time

An extension of point 2 is time. When we slow down enough to focus on ourselves and our lives, we begin to gain time. We gain time by gaining awareness and perspective. Once, we begin to focus, we begin to see the consequences of the actions and habits we have been utilizing in our lives. If we care about the consequences of our actions, we will then heighten our awareness of what those consequences have done to our lives, as well as the lives of our loved ones.

With this awareness, comes a shift in perspective. This shift, then, help us to identify what is important to us, what things need to be changed, and becomes a guide on what path we need to take to move forward. These thoughts and plans bring with them, the discipline of intentionality, which allows us to focus our energy and life in the direction of where we want to go.

Time, in its physical form, was constant and continuous. But time, in our lives, was relative because we were stuck in our minds, behaviors, and circumstances. Though, we may have lost physical time, we have now gained relative time because, the rest of our time on earth will have wider, deeper, and more profound impact; impact that will be fulfilling, wholesome, and sustaining to us, our souls and spirits.


  1. Intentionality

I have somewhat spoken about this word above. But intentionality is so powerful, it really does deserve its own section. Intentionality is doing something with intention, with purpose. Doing something with intentionality means that you have spent time preparing and planning. You aren’t just winging it. You have set a goal and have made plans and strategies to achieve that goal. Intentionality also boosts completion rates.

This skill wonderfully translates to other areas of your life once it becomes a habit. You will immediately notice the difference when you do something with intentionality and when you rush through or procrastinate with other tasks.

The Importance of Morning Routines

Unhealthy behaviors and habits in one area of our life tend to bleed into other areas of our lives.

The truth is, it takes work, discipline, focus, intentionality, and direction to build and lead a successful life.

Ask any truly successful people around you – if you know any – they will tell you that they did not become successful by accident.

The importance of the habit of morning routines is the structure that it brings into your life. Healthy consistent habits change your focus and awareness to the things that truly matter in life.

And like everything else, growth is one step at a time; therefore, change one habit at a time to build and curate the life that you want. It is overwhelming trying to do everything at once, you will be overwhelmed and frustrated quickly and will give up.

So, don’t overwhelm yourself!

Change one habit at a time to change your life.

I’ve read many articles and watched many videos that highlight this important lesson. Take some time to think about a habit in your life that want to focus on changing.

Next week, I will highlight some benefits of creating a morning routine and list some examples of practices that can be added to your morning routine.


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