Accidental Life or Not?

September 22, 2019

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Is our life accidental or not?

 Whether we know it or not, we are all searching for something.

At the core of us, we all are searching for belonging.  Everyone wants to know that we matter to someone and that when we are gone, there will be people grieving the loss of us.

Most people tend to seek from humans what only God can provide. We tend to look for our deepest joys and our life purposes in our mates, careers, and children. As long as we as we practice these habits, we will be filled with disappointment and sometimes, deep sadness.

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It’s the simplest truth.

Humans are flawed. We are imperfect beings. Human beings will make mistakes and those mistakes sometimes have deep consequences.


Trusting in God Instead

We are all spiritual beings at the core of God.  At some point in time, we have all wondered what happened before we got to Earth. We all wonder where we will go after. During our lives on Earth, we want to know that we matter.

By wondering this, we want to know why were we created; we want to know why we came to Earth at this particular time in history. People want to know why we were placed in our particular families and countries. Everyone wants to know how we will be able to judge if our lives were successful. And we want to know how to successfully leave this planet.

Ultimately, no one on earth can answer these questions. We are asking the most basic questions that every single person who has ever walked this Earth is asking:
  1. Existence: Why was I born at this time?
  2. Purpose: Why am I here?
  3. Significance: Why was I created?


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What will You Decide?

At some point in our lives, we all must decide how to proceed and live the rest of our lives. We must determine if life is accidental or if our lives were, in fact, intentionally created. Have you made your decision?

If life is accidental, then that means there is no point to anything that we do. That means that no one truly cares if we live or die. Our lives are just a big mismatched mess. Every evil that has occurred in the world will ultimately go unpunished. All the good that people have done in the world will ultimately go unnoticed. We will never have answers to all the unresolved mysteries in the world.

And the saddest of all…

No one truly wanted us.


But if we were created…then everything has a reason. There is a reason why I exist at this time in history versus during WW1. There is a reason that I have been born into this family even though I feel that they are dysfunctional.

Therefore, someone took the time to craft my body, soul, and spirit in my mother’s womb. It means that I existed somewhere before I came here. If we were created, then all the things that I do matter, and they have consequences. This means that I do not have to despair every time I look at the news.

This means that all of the hurt and pain will not go unanswered.

When I think of both sides, I think it takes more faith to believe that all of existence is accidental. There is a reason that the story and love of God has existed for 2,000 years.


Different cultures call God by a different name in our religion, but the truth remains…we are all seeking something beyond ourselves.

Do you believe that life is accidental or not?

Do you want to explore your beliefs and relationship with God? Download the below worksheet and get started on your spiritual journey. Then checkout the printables page

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