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5 Steps to a Healthier Self-Care Routine

August 29, 2019
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What Is Self-Care?

What is self-care? Self-care is any action taken to safeguard one’s health. It is that simple. Self-care does not have to be a grand gesture or an expensive gesture, it can be a quiet and personal treat. The point of self-care is to do things that fulfill, replenish, and fuel you. It is to replenish and restore all the energies, emotions, and service that you have given unto others.

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Self-care is mandatory for all. No matter what our career is, we all serve others in some capacity. We all work to better the world in some manner. As adults, we transition from students to teachers in our careers and pour ourselves into our work if it is fulfilling for us. If our work is not fulfilling us, then we feel drained and exhausted by it, so self-care is still needed to replenish our souls.

5 Steps to a Healthier Self-Care Routine

So, if we want our lives to be more fulfilled and to have meaning, if we are looking to achieve holistic health, then self-care is not an option. If you are reading this post, then you have either started or are along the journey of self-care and healing, or you are thinking about starting the journey of self-care and healing. This means that you want to improve your life and yourself. So, checkout the below steps to help you develop a healthier self-care routine.


Here are 5 steps to help you develop a healthier self-care routine for your life:

I. Find activities that fuels your heart and soul.

Spending time doing what we love has a way of nourishing our bodies, refreshing our emotions, banishing the clouds from our minds, and refilling our cups. Whether it is going bowling or to the movies, spending time with loved ones, or curling up with a good, if it’s an activity that you love, it will wash away the heavy emotions and give your mind a break.


II. Create boundaries in your life.

For anyone looking to build healthy relationships in their lives, boundaries are a hallmark of healthy relationships. Boundaries encompasses such as a wide range of things in our lives. I will write a post on boundaries in the future. But for now, boundaries allow you to protect the things most sacred to you, including your emotions, your sanity, your personal space, your home, your finances, and your place in a relationship.

Boundaries allow you to spend time on things that matter to you and allow you to say no to things that do not. Effecting boundaries in your life causes you to become clear on your personal values and beliefs.


III. Develop the habit of self-examination.

So, above I just mentioned that developing boundaries in your life will cause you to evaluate and become clear on your beliefs and values. To do this, you must engage in deep self-evaluation. And to do this, you must get comfortable with being alone with yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions. This may sound like an easy thing to do but you’d be surprised how many people are afraid of their own feelings and what’s inside their heads. This may even include you!

We tend to brush our feelings under the proverbial rug and pretend that they are not there but the only thing that happens is that the lump under the rug keeps getting bigger, the things under there do not go away. We also live in a time that affords us more distractions than we can possibly keep up with. So, delving into our minds and emotions must be intentional.  Notice that I said habit in part 3; this means that this is an ongoing process, not a one-time fix!


IV. Accept change and transitions.

Life is change. The body is change. There is no way to live this life without experiencing change and transitions. But people spend their whole lives trying to avoid change and disruptions. But the very essence of who we are, what we are, and what this planet is and has been is change. You will be fighting a losing battle if you try to life your life free of change.

You will also miss out on the beautiful things that come after a transition. We grow from babies to adults and back to babies of a different form. Accepting change and transition will allow you to stop living a life of scarcity and avoidance and allow you to focus on the positive things in your life and the world and allow you to embrace the diversity and beauty that comes after a transition.


V. Schedule your time.

This may sound like a weird self-care tool, but it really is sooooo important.

I used to think that money was the most valuable thing in the world until I learnt that money is simply a currency, it flows to and from.

But TIME is the most precious tool that we have. Once you use your time on something or spend it with someone, you can never get that time back no matter what you do.

Let that sink in.

Now, let’s apply this tool that comes full circle from points 1 – 4 above. Many of us spend our time with people we are not compatible with, in relationships that do not serve us, on activities that are not pushing us towards our goals and visions, and just plain waste our time doing nothing.

So, instead we sit around sulking and complaining about all things wrong with us and our lives, but we do not do anything towards the things that will make us happy, fuel and replenish us.

But why? Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a new result.

Instead, recognize that we all have limited time here to make our mark on the world doing the things that brings us the most joy.

So, set about purging negativity from your life through relationships that have stagnated, ditching habits that do not fit with the true visions that we have of ourselves, and find ways to get around the type of people that are seeking or are already living the changes we want to make in our lives.

Lastly, get ready to do the work it takes to make those dreams and visions a reality.


Are you ready to get started with these changes in your life? Then, download the self-care worksheet listed here and put it to work for you!

Download “Free Self-Care Worksheet” GMP-Self-care-Worksheet-1.docx – Downloaded 132 times – 148 KB


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