Becoming a Vessel for God’s Glory

August 22, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to become a vessel for God’s glory?

Over the last year, I’ve prayed to God to be used as a vessel for His purposes on Earth. I used to believe that He used powerful people to do powerful works.  During the last few months, I spent a lot of time studing the Bible and listening to sermons, I’ve come to learn that God simply meets a need with a need. He is looking for people who will submit to His power and humble themselves before Him, so that He can work through them and in them.

That sounds so simple, but WE become powerful forces when we truly align ourselves with God. The catch is, we must be wholly submitted to Him. We cannot dictate to Him that we only want to be used in one way or another, or only at certain times.

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Why not?

Because He alone knows ALL needs – He alone knows every single person’s needs – and knows the people who can meet those needs. God does not operate only at certain times and only at certain places. Therefore, we must ALWAYS be willing to be used in ALL ways .


What does it mean to be a vessel?

 A vessel holds something.  A vessel is a utensil used to contain something; a vessel can be used temporarily or permanently. What comes to mind for you when you think of a vessel?

One of the most popular analogy of a vessel in the Bible, if not the most popular, is probably Mary, the mother of Jesus. God blessed Mary with the task of birthing the Messiah on Earth. Another analogy is the story of Elijah and the widow in 1 Kings 17. Elijah blessed the widow and her jar of flour and jar of oil never ran empty after she followed the will of God.

Similarly, many of us have purposes that God have laid on our hearts. We must make the decision if we will do the work to birth what He has purposed us with or will we reject the purposes that He has tasked us with because we want to do things our way.


Being the vessel of God’s glory

It is important that we understand that in being His vessel, we are the path to others. God does not bless us for us to hold onto His blessings. He blesses us so that we can become a blessing to others. We are to be the vessels through which His blessings flow onto others. Do not become a bottleneck by focusing on our own needs. Again, we must be willing to submit to His will and let His blessings flow to the intended recipients.


Wanna Know More About Aligning Yourself With God?

Do you know what to know more about becoming a vessel for God? Do you know what to know how you get can closer to God? Then download the Closer to God Checklist and check out the Printables tab for more worksheets.

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