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Universal Laws That Govern The World

May 9, 2018

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Once we have made the decision to improve ourselves and our lives, changes must be made within ourselves and our lives to accomplish this goal. One of the issues that I have identified with the black community is that we do not take the time to educate ourselves about how the world works. We know that there are obstacles that stand in our way because of issues beyond our Circle of Influences (reference to Steven R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), however, we should never let obstacles or fears stand in our way of pursuing the lives we want for ourselves. The universal law affects us all. Instead of holding on to the victim mentality, it is necessary for us to change our mindsets and focus on what we want rather than on the things we do not want. After all, focusing on the things that we do not want is a sure way of getting those very things because we get what we focus on.

Here are some universal laws that we should all get to know because these laws govern the way the universe works. Life balances itself because there are principles and laws built into the creation of the universe. And if we really start to pay attention, we will begin to see that these laws really do exist and have direct impacts on our circumstances. The universal laws are not based in religion but have existed since the beginning of time. The black community tends to focus on the things we lack because human mindset is skewered towards the negative and also because we have been conditioned by slave ideologies to focus on a scarcity mindset.

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Universal Laws

  1. Law of Divine Oneness – We are all connected; everything and everyone in this world is connected and part of creation and consciousness. We are connected to all those who have walked the earth before us and after us.
  2. Law of Vibration – Everything in the world vibrates at its own frequency. We are all energy and energy never die. Nothing in life stands still.
  3. Law of Action – Actions are necessary to support our desires, dreams, visions, and goals to manifest them.
  4. Law of Correspondence – The outer world reflects the inner world. Things above reflect things below. This proves that we have an active role in the creation of our lives.
  5. Law of Cause and Effect – Every action has an equal reaction. There are consequences for every action.
  6. Law of Compensation – Your compensation is a direct reward of your contribution to the world.
  7. Law of Transmutation – We all have internal power to change the conditions of our lives. Creating higher vibrations transmutes the lower vibrations.
  8. Law of Manifestation – Our thoughts are manifested into reality. Therefore, our thoughts have power. Everything outside of God’s natural creation began as a thought.
  9. Law of Belief – Whatever you believe (with emotions) to be true will become your reality.
  10. Law of Attraction – Our thoughts, feelings, and actions have energies that are released into the world. These energies attract like energies. Positive energies attract positive energies. Negative energies attract negative energies.
  11. Law of Prosperity – Focus on abundance in all that you do. An abundance mindset negates a scarcity mindset.
  12. Law of Relativity – Your determination and perseverance will be tested. Each person will receive a series of situations to strengthen your inner light.
  13. Law of Polarity – Everything is a continuum and has an opposite. Light and dark. Good and bad, etc.
  14. Law of Rhythm – Life has a natural rhythm to it. There is a natural ebb and flow to all life. This is demonstrated by seasons, cycles, and patterns that exists in the world.
  15. Law of Gender – There is a masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) principle to everything in the world.
  16. Law of Divine Order – Everything is as it should be. There are no accidents in life.
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