December 30, 2017

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“But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain…” 1 Corinthians15:10 (KJV).

2018 brings with it, a chance to do things differently. It brings with it a chance to make changes we may have wanted to, but couldn’t. It brings with it a chance of new beginning and a chance to continue self-discovery.

When you think of year 2018 starting, do you feel dread or happiness? Do you experience the feeling of possibilities or the fear/pain of the journey continuing for more months to come?

I want you to know that there is a path for each of us. As we are each imbued with a spirit, there is a path for this spirit to develop. Could 2018 be the year that we are brave enough to begin our exploration of this path? Life will never be fair, and we will never live pain free on earth. But we can still embrace the fact that just as each snowflake is different, so are we different from all who have walked or will walk this earth. Let us take the time to celebrate in that knowledge and recognize how creative God is. And as we are created in His image, we each have something that is waiting for us to create it.

What if we were bold enough to hold onto this fact and show our faith in God and ourselves? What if we could be brave enough to begin to seek out the path that God made for us? Our lives would be transformed in ways we cannot even fathom now.

To go one step further, could we be courageous enough to stop comparing ourselves to others and embrace ourselves, flaws and all? If we spend all our times focusing on others and what they are doing, our comparisons and judgments will extinguish our joy and peace; and cause us to miss our own paths and blessings. And in focusing on comparison, we are indirectly refuting God’s will for our lives. We are effectively telling Him that the path that He has laid out for us is not good enough for us and that we want what others have. We are telling ourselves and the universe that our spirit and energy is not special enough to develop and embrace. We are saying that we are not good enough for the paths aligned to our spirits.

But if we were brave enough to embrace our spirits and destined paths, we are simultaneously declaring to God and ourselves that we know that we were created for more. We know that we were gifted for more. We know that God is bountiful and infinite and that there is no limit on the things we could do for and with Him. We are saying that we will not let fear stand in our way of trusting ourselves and trusting God. We are owning our power and our faith in God.

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