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July 2017

Black Mental Health

Why Blog About Mental Health?

July 30, 2017

I am starting off my website with Les Brown’s quote, “You have to be willing to do the things today that others won’t do, to have the things tomorrow that others won’t have,” because this quote has stayed with me for the last year. I came across this quote from one of the many motivation videos on YouTube. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not crazy about the motivation hype but I do believe that there is some use for it and if you are really ready for a change, one thought or one action can change your life. This quote was a part of a speech he gave – and honestly I don’t even remember what the speech was about – but it really gave me pause. I think if you are at the point in your life where you are asking the big questions about life, the right person, or quote, or speech, or behavior can light a spark that can’t be ignored. For me, I had been asking myself, “Is this it?” Is this all I am going to do with my life? I felt like there had to be more to life.  I had had this feeling for quite some time and it was causing me to be unhappy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until my girl, Kryssie, suggested that I explore YouTube – Okay, so I am an older millennial so I come from a time when we had no cellphones or social media, and the internet was a new thing. So, I still have my time when I just don’t want to be on social media and I don’t follow all the new apps that come out – so, anyways, I decided to see what was trending on YouTube and I came across TedTalks and other motivational videos. I searched talks until I came across a talk on feeling stuck and couldn’t believe that there was a whole world out there that understood how I felt. The issue that I had been having was that I didn’t even know how I felt so I didn’t have the words to express what I was feeling. These talks opened up my world in a way that I am still so grateful for.

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